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Our location and your hybrid event, a combination of audience on location and elsewhere.

Our Hybrid package is always fully customized, depending on your wishes and goals. The combination of (live) webcasting / streaming and live audience is possible in all our rooms. You can choose for one room or for several rooms at the same time.

Speakerphone | Yealink CP920

Yealink CP920

Are there several guests who wish to call in during the meeting? Can participants of the meeting not be there, but do they wish to be able to meet from a location elsewhere?

This is possible with our speakerphone! Crystal-clear sound and easy to use for our boardrooms.

Check the video here!
Videoconferencing | AMX Acendo Vibe

AMX Acendo Vibe

Are there participants who join online meetings from another location and do the guests in the meetingroom want to be visible for them?

With our video conferencing system from AMX Acendo vibe that is possible! The integrated JBL soundbar with high-quality microphone makes every participant easy to hear. It is easy to connect by means of USB.

Check the video here!
Videoconferencing | Cisco TelePresence

Cisco TelePresence

Are you with a larger group (up to 15 people) and you do not have your own platform? No problem, use this option. Your room will be provided with:

  • Video conference set with camera and 55 inch LCD screen
  • Stream online for up to 100 people

Guests can call in from home, these persons will then be displayed on the LCD screen. The speaker can connect his laptop to the projection screen in the room, the presentation can be seen both in the room and at home with the guests calling in. Furthermore, the connection runs via an encrypted platform; the guests who want to call in will receive a link to participate in the meeting.

Fully hybrid conference

Fully hybrid conference

A fully hybrid conference for more than 20 people? We are happy to think along with you, we would like to hear your specific wishes so that we can prepare a suitable offer:

  • how many cameras do you want?
  • do you want a moving image or the camera at a fixed position?
  • how many presentations do you have?
  • how many speakers? Are there external speakers through an internet platform?
  • and how interactive do you want the meeting: do you want a Poll, ask questions, a chat function, etc.