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What is Valk Exclusief? What is the difference between Valk Exclusief and

Van der Valk consists of two groups. Valk Exclusief is the coordinating name for 33 Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants. Valk Exclusief has its own account system and own offers and deals.
If I wish to make use of the Valk Exclusief deals and offers, where can I book these?
The offers and deals at all Valk Exclusief Hotels can be booked on
Will I always get a discount when I do my booking online with a ValkAccount?
You will only get a discount on regular room bookings; packages and reduced prices are not included in the ValkLoyal discount.
Do the Valk Loyal advantages apply to all Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants?
Only the participating hotels offer the ValkLoyal advantages. For an overview of the hotels, please click here.
How can I make use of the ValkLoyal advantages?
When you check out you will get a Valk Flyer that you can take home with you and complete. When you arrive for your next stay, you can hand in this flyer at one of the participating hotels. The advantages apply straight away.
Should I become a Valk Loyal member before I can benefit from these advantages?
No, you only have to create a ValkAccount. After you have done this and make a booking for a stay at one of our hotels, the advantages will apply. You can create an account on With this account you can log into all our hotel sites.
Must I make a booking through this website?
No, with your ValkAccount you can make a booking on the website of the participating hotels. You can however make a direct booking for a stay at our hotels through this website.
Do I need a separate ValkAccount for each hotel website?
No, only one ValkAccount is needed and if you then book a stay at one of our hotels, you will benefit from the advantages straight away. You can create an account on This account allows you to log into all our hotel sites.
Can I change my e-mail address?
Yes, you can change your e-mail address in your ValkAccount. When you change the e-mail address, all other details in your account remain the same. Loyal and Bonus credit will also be in the same place after you have changed the e-mail address.
Can my pet stay overnight with me?
Yes. In quite a few Valk Exclusief Hotels you can bring your pet along and it can stay overnight with you. Click here to check which Valk Exclusief locations allow pets in the hotel room.